“DFDS: A Reliable Partner in Sea Travels for Latvian Caravan Club”

We are delighted to announce a new partnership between the Latvian Caravan Club and DFDS. Our organizations found each other through a shared passion for travel and a commitment to providing the best conditions for our clients. This collaboration opens new opportunities for our club members, allowing them to enjoy comfortable and affordable sea crossings

Pirate Adventure 2023: Season Opening at Latvian Caravan Club

The opening of the season for our club, Latvian Caravan Club, in 2023 unfolded as a captivating pirate spectacle, transporting us back to the era of bold adventurers. Each participant, being part of this club of travelers, seemed to merge with the images of legendary sea pirates, ready to conquer new horizons and discover unknown

Incredible Easter Celebration in 2023

In 2023, members of the Latvian Caravan Club and their guests from Lithuania and Estonia gathered on the banks of the Daugava River at the Kegums campsite, which turned out to be unusually bright and full of hope. The grass, covered in dew, was green under the morning sun, while the river whispered its unfathomable

Golden Autumn in Sigulda 2022

Golden Autumn in Sigulda: Unforgettable Club Gathering This fall, our club organized an unforgettable gathering called “Golden Autumn” in the beautiful city of Sigulda, which is considered the unofficial capital of autumn in Latvia. These weekends were filled with adventures, fun, and unforgettable experiences for all participants. One of the main events of the gathering

Closing the 2022 season in Spanish style

Closing the 2022 season in Spanish style: our club welcomes the international community As the end of the 2022 season approached, our club decided to mark this event in an inspiring and international manner, embodying the spirit of Spain at our closed gathering. Creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a Spanish festival, we made the entrance

Fisherman’s Day 2022

Celebrating Fisherman’s Day at Our Club: A Recap of 2022 In 2022, our club came together to celebrate Fisherman’s Day in a manner that truly epitomized the spirit of camaraderie and relaxation. Despite a modest turnout, our celebration was nothing short of magnificent as we enjoyed a day filled with fishing, camaraderie, and delicious food.

Open season 2024

The event will take place from May 31st to June 2nd, and you can expect a real festive fireworks of entertainment! We rarely get to celebrate New Year together in a big company of like-minded people, but this year will be different. We’ve prepared a real New Year atmosphere for you: you’ll be greeted by

Calendar 2024!

“Year on Reverse: How our Latvian Caravan Club will spend this 2024 with Dragon at the helm!!!” Hey, travelers! Get ready for your world to be turned upside down in 2024! Who would’ve thought that we, tired and weary of the same old parties, would ever experience real adrenaline again? But here it is –


Which of us in childhood did not dream, at least a little, to experience pirate adventures? Latvian Caravan Club invites you to the opening of the summer season and the first birthday of the club in <<PIRATE PARTY>> style, which will take place from 12.05.2023-14.05.2023 at the campsite <<SIVERI>> at the address: Siveri, Kaziņči, Skaistas