New partnership with Edvardo Servisas – Lithuania

UAB „Edvardo Servisas” is one of the largest services in the Baltics providing repair and maintenance of campers. The service provides a full range of services from an electrician to a carpenter, plumbers and to ordinary server services. Members of our club have already used the services of this service and were very satisfied. And now we are ready to inform you that we are pleased to announce that club LATVIAN CARAVAN CLUB members now have an official 7% discount on the repair and maintenance of the camper and 10% on all accessories.
UAB „Edvardo Servisas“

Įmonės kodas 166746418
PVM mokėtojo kodas LT667464113

Gamyklos g. 43A, 89103 Mažeikiai
Tel. +370 443 91213
Mob. +370 611 45090