Golden Autumn in Sigulda 2022

Golden Autumn in Sigulda: Unforgettable Club Gathering

This fall, our club organized an unforgettable gathering called “Golden Autumn” in the beautiful city of Sigulda, which is considered the unofficial capital of autumn in Latvia. These weekends were filled with adventures, fun, and unforgettable experiences for all participants.

One of the main events of the gathering was a tour of Turaida Castle, which is not only a historical landmark but also a magnificent place to explore Latvia’s rich cultural heritage. The participants of our club immersed themselves in the history of the castle, enjoying its beauty and architecture.

In the evening, we had a real disco party on a pontoon set up right on the Gauja River. To the music and light effects, we danced and enjoyed ourselves, soaking in the beautiful atmosphere created by the surrounding nature and the sounds of the river.

The next day, we organized a super photo session to capture these moments as keepsakes. All participants had the opportunity to take beautiful photos in the unique autumn atmosphere to preserve memories of this wonderful gathering.

And the highlight of our celebration was a parade of hot air balloons, decorating the sky and becoming the icing on the cake of this weekend. This colorful and impressive parade caught the attention of all participants and served as a wonderful conclusion to our festivities.

Golden Autumn in Sigulda left unforgettable memories in our hearts and inspired us to organize even more interesting and exciting events in the future. Thanks to this gathering, our club has become even closer, and the participants are even more connected by friendship and shared memories.