Closing the 2022 season in Spanish style

Closing the 2022 season in Spanish style: our club welcomes the international community

As the end of the 2022 season approached, our club decided to mark this event in an inspiring and international manner, embodying the spirit of Spain at our closed gathering. Creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a Spanish festival, we made the entrance to the event resemble crossing the border between Latvia and Spain, emphasizing not only the theme of the event but also our desire to unite different cultures.

Like a child learning to walk, with each season, our club attracted more friends and fans from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Gatherings became a place where people of different nationalities met, united by a common passion for adventure and socializing.

Our Spanish gathering was a true celebration of culture and traditions. It included lively Spanish dances, thrilling contests, and even a real bullfight, albeit without animals. The main prize at this gathering was a leg of ham, symbolizing the authentic flavors of Spanish cuisine.

However, the most important aspect was that all participants of the gathering embraced the Spanish theme with heart and soul, dressing in bright and colorful Spanish costumes. This created a unique atmosphere of celebration and emphasized our unity and solidarity within the club community.

By concluding the 2022 season in such a style, we not only created wonderful memories but also underscored the importance of international communication and cultural exchange. We look forward to the next season, full of new opportunities to enrich our club experience and expand the boundaries of our friendships and understanding.